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Zbigniew Jamroz

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IT Expert and Manager – IT for Insurers and Financial Services Providers

Curriculum Vitae – Project Summary

  • 2015 CRM CONCEPT PROJECT – SOLUTION FOR INVESTEMENT COOPERATIVE. Group of several hundred investors organized in the form of Investment Cooperative ordered the implementation of an IT System dedicated for internal communication addressed to its members based on CRM products. The project is delivered and accepted.  (Role: Business Partner).


  • 2014 SET OF CORPORATE PROJECTS IN LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT AREA. A significant increase in the number of employed engineers in the „Software Solution Center” and the number of ongoing at the same time projects made it necessary to create a solution for Management system of the SSC Training Tasks SSC considering the potential project goals. As a result, were developed: Competency Database for over 500 professionals registered with dozens of specialties, Assessments Database for over 2000 training from over 8500 available in the Group, Calendar of promoted trainings and the Database of commercial and technological documents for already completed projects – all available through the internal Portal (SharePoint technology) in order to support the current bidding at SSC. (Role: Senior Software Solution Architect – Project Manager).


  • 2012-2013 CONSOLIDATION PROJECT OF NEWLY PURCHASED INSURANCE COMPANIES WITHIN THE REGION „CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE” FOR GLOBAL INSURANCE GROUP. Successfully realized project included advisory and risk analysis for the process of consolidation of new companies (3) with the existing (7) ones in the CEE Region. As a result it has been drawn up a comprehensive and multi-variant „Feasibility Study” of the Region development with the forecast over the next five years. My personal scope of the work concerned the consolidation of IT systems and choosing a right solution that meets the requirements of all stakeholders in the Region (very diverse range of business and significant differences in the portfolio of products. (Role: Principal Consultant –Insurance IT Expert).


  • 2011-2012 MAINTENANCE AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN „CORE BUSINESS” INSURANCE SYSTEM FOR GERMAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN MUNICH. The supplied system supports comprehensive customer activity against several million of its customers thanks to multi-module (different groups of financial products) and multilevel (different areas of management) architecture. The system was implemented and is operated in many different cities on separate instances with a common architecture based on Unix environment, Java, Eclipse and Oracle. The project was organized in a very structured and professional dimension: regular versioning: („Releases” – twice a year, software patches – „Hot Fixes” – monthly), multi-level testing (tests in a team of programmers, tests the test department in the SSC, Customer IT test team, test the end-user), formalized incident  and change management, and multi-level conflict resolution with escalation procedures. (Role: Principal Consultant – Project Manager).


  • 2010 CREATING BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN AND DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN. The project implemented for the insurance company, accepted and adopted for implementation, some DRP topics postponed for the budget reasons. (Role: Independent Expert).


  • 2010 PROJECT OF BUILDING THE DISTRIBUTED BCP CENTRES NETWORK FOR COMMERCIAL USE. The project has been carried out for the group of private investors and covered all technological aspects concerning equipment, operation and management concept based on innovative use of IT resources virtualization. (Role: Business Partner).


  • 2006-2009 BUILDING SALES SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR SELLING INSURANCE OVER THE INTERNET. The project included formulation of a definition, agreeing and implementation of transaction processing system available on the Internet for professional B2B sellers. The system enables registration and confirmation of sold insurance policies. (Role: IT Director; 2006 – implementation for travel insurance services; 2007-2009 – introduction of subsequent insurance products).


  • 2005-2009 CREATION THE INSURANCE REPORTING SYSTEM BASED ON EXISTING TRANSACTION SYSTEM. Within a few months an internal Reporting Portal (based on MS SQL Reporting Services technology) was created – powered by half-automatic scripts from production databases. Portal enables the extended User Access Control (by hierarchy, product lines and geographically) and supports Reports Distribution by emails to entitled recipients (Role: IT Director; 2005 – implementation; 2006-2009 development of of new functionalities).


  • 2004 IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT – THE ARCHIVING AND WORKFLOW SYSTEM FOR INSURANCE DOCUMENTS.  The complete registration and workflow process based on the ALTAIR technology (company CONTMAN product) was implemented for an Insurance Company. (Role: IT Director).


  • 2003-2007 CENTRALIZATION OF AN INSURANCE „CORE BUSINESS” SYSTEM. Successfully conducted a complete project of Insurance System Centralization held within the project of management restructuring of INTER Group – Insurance Societies in Poland. The structure of 17 divisions and 18 agencies was replaced with one IT system for all insurance operations in Poland. The dictionaries were standardized, the data validation (over a period of 11 years) and data migration to central IT system was performed, the ICT structure was adapted in order to make Head Office resources available to other offices. System functionality was extended, now it includes automatic interface for finance and accounting system. The angular model for insurance transaction registration was introduced. The Integrated Data Model for property insurance business (including client personal data, insurance agents data, injured party, third party, guaranteed data protection and its history of changes, records of pre-numbered forms, calculation data of insurance premiums, agents’ fees, insurance claims register, register of insurance decisions, compensation and benefits register, recourse claim register, cession of insurance policy register, and many others) was created in one central system.  Reliability and flexibility of approved technological solution comes from server virtualization, which at that time was one of the first implementations of VMware environment in Poland. (Role: IT Director; 2003-2004 – implementation phase, 2005-2007 – further development phase).


  • 2003-2004 THE SERVER PLATFORM MODERNIZATION AND STANDARDIZATION PROJECT.  In cooperation with IBM Polska a modern Blade Server set, equipped with internal “Fibre Channel” communication between servers and NAS storage and redundant power system and communication channels, was installed in place of previous-generation servers derived from different computing and system platforms. (Role: IT Director).


  • 2002 GLOBAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FOR INSURANCE GROUP. The Project was held as a part of corporate schedule and in accordance with PMP corporate methodology based on Six Sigma rules. It was carried out by the Society’s top-level managers and the managerial staff from CEE & CIS Region. (Role: Member of Steering Committee – COO).


  • 2002 THE „EMMA” PROJECT FOR MARKETING CAMPAIGN SERVICES. Implementation of corporate IT system for marketing campaign services with extended functions for Polish market and efficiency ranging from 30.000 to 800.000 inserts. (Role: Member of Steering Committee – COO).


  • 2001-2002 „BANCASSURANCE” CHANNEL SERVICE PROJECT. Implementation of individual insurance services IT system for clients obtained by affiliated bank. (Role: Member of Steering Committee – COO).


  • 2000 PROJECT FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF “UNIFIED MESSAGING” TECHNOLOGY. A complete solution, which enables other IT systems to receive and send data (SMS, e-mail, fax, database transaction) was implemented on the basis of TOPCAL technology supplied by SOFTEX company. (Role: Project Manager).


  • 2000 PROJECT FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF DOCUMENT ARCHIVING AND WORKFLOW SYSTEM.  A complete archiving and document circulation system based on FileNET technology was implemented for car insurance purposes. (Role: Project Manager).


  • 1998-1999 PROJECT ON MERGER OF INSURANCE SOCIETIES HEADQUARTERS. After the merger of AGF and Allianz companies the new HQ Project was held. The project included: offer comparison,  office organization plan, Investment Bank negotiations, construction work  and equipment supervision (greatest real estate contract in 1999/2000), and organizational preparations for employees and equipment removal without disrupting customer service.. (Role: General Project Coordinator).


  • 1996-1997 THE „CORE BUSINESS INSURANCE” MIGRATION PROJECT. As a result of the sale of the SAVAG company by AGF Group becomes necessary to replace the SAVAG system by other commercial insurance systems: CirIARD and CirVie.. (Role: Member of Steering Committee).


  • 1995 PROJECT FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF DOCUMENT ARCHIVING AND WORKFLOW SYSTEM.  A complete document archiving system (concerning property insurances with interface to SAVAG insurance system), based on Magellan technology, was implemented for the Claims Department services. (Role: Project Manager).


  • 1994 NEW INSURANCE PRODUCT IMPLEMENTATION INTO „SAVAG” SYSTEM. Starting from 1994 the AGF Companies in Poland have created their own insurance products, specific for the Polish market. (Role: Project Manager).


  • 1991-1993 INSURANCE SYSTEM ADAPTATION PROJECT. Under the conditions of formation of the insurance market in Poland, immediately after the transformations the German Insurance System was translated and adapted into polish business requirements. System parametrisation was performed based on Tariff Model build from scratch. System used the IBM ES9000 – VM / VSE, SQL / DS, CICS, COBOL II environment. (Role: Programmer, then the System Administrator).


  • 1987-1991 PROJECT OF NATIONAL GEOLOGICAL DATABASE carried out for the National Office for Geological and Mining Research – Geological Survey of Algeria (Office National de la Géologie – Geological Survey of Algeria). The extensive project in the nationwide scale, although realised in different from today’s economic reality. (Role: Project Manager, finally Country Manager).


  • 1981-1986 SERVICES ACQUISITION PROJECT. Numerous sales projects for Geological IT Services and general geological and drilling projects in areas of COMECON and the Middle East and North Africa. (Role: Export & Development Department Manager, then Chief Geological IT Officer).