Zbigniew profile

IT Expert & Manager – IT for Insurance & Financial Services Providers (CV, Project Portfolio)




  1. Over 37 years of experience in IT & Operations, including over 27 years in managerial positions. More than 24 years within the Insurance IT for leading insurance companies (AGF, Allianz, AIG, INTER) or for software and service providers (Capgemini).
  2. Over 25 years of experience with international institutions in Poland, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Gained experience of working in companies with very different corporate cultures: Geopol – Polish, AGF – French, Allianz and INTER and Capgemini – German, AIG – American and ONIG – Arabic.
  3. Large project management and implementation expertise. Experience in developing relationships with diverse stakeholder and managing their objectives at all stages of the project’s life cycle: analysis, user acceptance, implementation, administration and review. Participation in the implementation and management of projects at different levels of competence (from specialist, through Project Manager to member of the Steering Committee). The result: dozens of successfully completed projects with budgets up to $ 7 million with personal responsibility and over EUR 50 million as a member of the design team for clients in the financial services industry.
  4. Comprehensive professional knowledge in the area of Insurance and Financial Services IT from both sides: Technology (IT & Operations), as well as from the Business side (Underwriting & Claims -over 3 years).
  5. Participation in Insurance IT Standardization, Training and Knowledge Management projects both on the corporate level, as well as on the industry level (over 10 years activity as Vice-President of IT Committee of the PIU [Polish Chamber of Insurance], also representing PIU before banking organizations).
  6. Managing software development teams at all stages of cooperation with the customer (both internal and external, using different methodologies) – from the initial concept, through development, internal testing, acceptance testing, installation and tuning and user training. Practical experience in managing geographically distributed project teams, considering factors such as: „competence mix ‚and’ competence transition” – projects „on-shore”, „off-shore” and „right-shore”.
  7. Ability to evaluate and select the innovative IT technologies in terms of added value for business.
  8. Experience in the support delivery for own and independent partnerships and distribution networks in the area of ​​financial services, as well as in the responsibility for quality control of customer relations.
  9. Ability to establish contacts at various levels of the organization, experience in team management through non-aggressive leadership qualities.
  10. Robust professional education: Master of Science from the Electronic Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology and post-graduate studies diploma from the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow.



Insurance IT Systems (Business Core Systems) * Financial (General Ledger) Systems * Insurance Front Office Systems (CRM, Customer and Partner Portals) * Document Management, Workflow and Archiving Solutions * Security and Reliability of IT Systems (Backup – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)  * Helpdesk Systemy * Incident & Change Management Systems * Training and Knowledge Mangement Portals.